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By Architects, for Architects


Archsplace is a platform for online professional design services. Built especially for the categories: Architecture, Interior design, Decoration and Landscape design.


The vision is transparency and the mission is quality. The founders have backgrounds from the industry in international high-end architecture and construction. Each of them therefore naturally transfer the same principles into the functionality and brand of Archsplace.


Designed to be an open platform that is extremely easy to use. Users can meet and chat freely, with industry professionals locally and internationally. While comparing style, skills, portfolios and prices, easily.


Good design skills deserves recognition and to be admired. The platform facilitates young talents to establish their own brands on the market, better than ever before. Archsplace honor talent, by classifying the professionals into different levels based on objective criteria. The quality of the clients are just as important for Archsplace, awarding more detailed and serious enquiries with higher probability of matching with top professionals.


It will always be possible to use and gain value from the platform, free of charge for professionals, clients and even partners consisting of suppliers and builders. All made possible through the additional features built for the partner companies, giving them access to increase their visibility on the platform.

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