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The Archsplace Brief Feature

Archsplace is the Place where Architects and clients meet their best match, through facilitated briefing. In the realm of architecture and construction, precise communication of the project owner's needs and wishes play a crucial role in finding suitable architects and ensuring successful project outcomes. That's why we are thrilled to introduce the Archsplace Brief Feature, a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of creating detailed project briefs. While communicating the needs and wishes for the project, it also finds the most suitable architects through a system that automatically attributes keywords.

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The Power of The Brief

More thorough approach

By offering an expansive canvas for project owners to articulate their requirements, our brief system encourages a more collaborative and thorough approach.

Project owners can delve into the nitty-gritty details, covering all aspects of their project, including architectural style, materials, spatial requirements, functionality, and aesthetic preferences.

Minimizes overlooked details

Furthermore, our brief system encourages project owners to think deeper about their projects, enabling them to refine and polish their ideas before engaging architects.

This reflection process enhances the overall quality of the project brief and minimizes the chances of mid-project changes due to overlooked details or revised requirements.

The Magic of The Keywords

One of the most innovative aspects of our elaborate brief system is its intelligent use of keywords.

Behind the scenes, keywords are automatically incorporated when defining the needs and wishes for specific attributes, scope, styles, materials, preferences, and much more.

These keywords are then utilized by a matching algorithm to connect project owners with the architects whose profiles contain the most relevant keywords across their portfolio, skills and services.

Benefits for Project Owners

The ability to provide unlimited details in the intuitive brief system fosters clarity, enabling project owners to convey their needs and wishes in a structured and organized manner.

By utilizing our brief system, project owners can reap a multitude of benefits:

  • They will possess a centralized document to organize their needs and wishes in a detailed manner.
  • The keywords connect project owners with architects who possess the necessary skills and experience.
  • It saves valuable time for the project owners and resources that can be allocated to other critical aspects of their projects.

Benefits for Architects

Armed with detailed project requirements, architects can approach the client efficiently and prepare their proposal with a heightened level of insight.

The brief system’s significant advantages for architects:

  • By matching architects with projects that align with their areas of expertise, architects can focus on projects that resonate with their skills and passions.
  • Efficiency in starting new projects enhances job satisfaction and increases the likelihood of successful collaborations.
  • Architects can increase their visibility online by showcasing their previous projects and skills with appropriate keywords incorporated.


The architecture and construction industry has embraced our platform's elaborate system as a game-changer for project briefing and architect selection.

With unlimited specifications and automated keyword matching, our platform ensures that the vision of project owners is brought to reality by architects who possess the necessary expertise and experience.

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