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The Archsplace Quote Feature

Archsplace is the Place where Architects and clients collaborate efficiently through accurate quote generation. Archsplace, the leading intermediation platform, revolutionizes project pricing in architectural collaborations. With its innovative quote feature, Archsplace empowers architects and clients to embark on successful ventures. In this article, we will explore the powerful capabilities of Archsplace's quote feature, highlighting its customizable structure, efficient status system, and seamless integration with project management.

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Customizable Structure

Tailored to Perfection

Archsplace's quote feature enables architects to create highly customized project pricing that cater to the unique requirements of clients.

Architects have full control over the quote's structure, allowing them to divide it into phases based on different services or project stages.

By breaking down the quote into manageable segments, such as an outline project phase and an executive project phase, architects can provide clients with transparent and comprehensive cost breakdowns, facilitating informed decision-making.

Efficient Status System

From Draft to Approval

Archsplace simplifies the quote management process with its efficient status system. Architects can draft quotes, fine-tuning them until they are ready to be activated.

Once activated by the architect, the quote is sent to the client for approval. Any subsequent changes made by the architect reset the quote status to "drafted," requiring reactivation for the client's review and approval.

This iterative process ensures that the quote remains up-to-date and aligns with the evolving project requirements.

Seamless Integration with Briefs

Harmonizing Project Details

The quote feature seamlessly integrates with the specific brief associated with the project. Once an architect initiates work on a quote, it automatically links to the corresponding brief, creating a harmonized workflow.

This integration consolidates project information, combining project requirements, chat feature discussions, and financial details from the quote.

Architects and clients benefit from a holistic view of the project, streamlining project management and fostering efficient collaboration.

Effortless Approval Process

Client's Decision Matters

Archsplace's quote feature allows clients to review and approve quotes with ease. Upon receiving an activated quote, clients have the option to approve or reject it.

If rejected, the quote status reverts to "drafted," and the architect is notified to make the necessary modifications and reactivate the quote for client review.

Once a quote is approved and paid for, it enters a final state and cannot be modified further, ensuring clarity and certainty in the project's financial aspects.


Archsplace's quote feature transforms project estimation in architectural collaborations.

With a customizable structure, an efficient status system, and seamless integration with project briefs, architects can provide accurate and transparent cost breakdowns.

The iterative nature of the status system allows for iterative refinement and real-time adjustments.

Moreover, the streamlined approval process ensures effective communication and enables clients to make informed decisions.

Experience the power of Archsplace's quote feature and streamline your project estimation process for unparalleled success.

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